Bitter Sweet Harmony is the band that we never thought would work together again since the split up back in 2003, but somehow we managed to get our act together and create a new album based on the high and lows in our lives during the 10 years we’ve been away on all sorts of other things. Although we’ve actually managed to put some new tracks from now and then (Foolish game, klk) the new album “As we speak” is the first “real” Bitter Sweet Harmony release  since the single “A Tragedy so misplaced” back in 2002. The procedures of the band is as always, we write the songs together (Rauno/Anders), records them together with the king of bass-thunder Mr Patrik Zakrisson, and that’s basically it…no news there.
What might be new (at least what we think ourselves), is the approach to the music it self, when listening to us now and compare to our older works you will note a slightly more guitar-oriented sound, more mature and compact sound, although the melodies and classic Bitter Sweet Harmony string arrangement are still there for you to enjoy.




Guitarist Anders Brewitz and vocalist Rauno Luoto initially formed bitter Sweet Harmony (BSH) during the spring of 1998 as a studio project under the name ”Babelfish”. During the summer they wrote and recorded three songs, “A brand new start”, “I believe” and  “The depending song” that was released during the autumn, the song “A brand new” was played by Swedish national radio P3 and the band got a nice review by the quite prominent radio journalist Stefan Wermelin calling the band “the most interesting Swedish pop-act the recent years”. Unfortunately there was a conflict regarding the name “Babelfish” due to a Norwegian band having the same name…so during the early winter the band changed to “Bitter Sweet Harmony” and released the song “Superman” as single for radio promotion only.

During 1999 the band released the EP “5 Songs” and also started doing some live-shows backed by Robert Myrefors (drums), Patrik Zakrisson (bass, who also appears on almost all BSH recordings), Lars Blom (Keyboards) and Mattias Thorell (rhythm guitar).
The band also did put some extra effort on internet marketing, which lead to some BSH songs being the most downloaded on the, at the time, biggest Swedish music site Deo.com.
As a result of this success the band was invited to perform a show on the “Kalas-turnén” during 2000 together with bands like “The Hellacopters” and “Kent”. The year 2000 also saw the release of the bands first full-length album “Shapeshifters” on the crossroad records label in December followed up with the single “The Silence” taken from the album in January 2001, which got some airtime on Swedish national radio as well as a lot of different commercial and student radio stations.

During the period of 2000/2001 BSH got involved in what has become known as the “space-ark debacle”, basically BSH and a lot of other acts from different countries got ripped of by a fake American record company and that whole story and all of the happenings around it squeezed a lot of energy out of the band which made their artistic creativity suffer. Although the band played live a lot (know consisting of Jonas Hedwall on drums, Lars Blom and Patrik Zakrisson) they only managed to record and release one single in 2002, which actually has become the most successful so far, “A tragedy so misplaced”. In 2003 the band tried a new approach to their song writing process, involving all members of the now five-piece band, the result was a drift away from what was the original BSH and during October Rauno left the band which of course lead to the band splitting up.

For years to come both Anders and Rauno did not work actively with music, but in 2009 the released a new song called “Embraced”, and in 2010 actually tried to enter the Swedish Eurovision song contest with the song “A foolish game”, an attempt that obviously failed…but the lust and passion for song writing was back again, so they decided to fire up the BSH engine once more and release a new album. Although many songs was already written the vast majority were scrapped and new song were written and recorded during 2012/13 which resulted in the album “As we speak” released by the end of 2013.  

Bitter Sweet Harmony 2014



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